When will travel from the United Kingdom to the United States re-open?

travel from United Kingdom to United States

Former United States President Donald Trump published a proclamation that banned travel from the United Kingdom to the United S. This was due to the continually existing, and occasionally worsening, Corona Virus situation in the world. At one point, the UK was relatively heavily stricken by the Virus. There were close to two thousand deaths in the region per day. The indefinite travel ban was signed by President Donald Trump on the 14th of March 2020. The ban would only be able to be lifted by the current president of the United States. Both the US and the UK have increasing cases of the Delta variant at present.

The situation in the US

President Joe Biden has announced that the UK travel ban will not be lifted too soon. The increasing number of cases will put both countries at risk. White House Spokesperson, Jen Psaki has revealed that the US will be mindful of the increasing cases of the Delta variant. It is stipulated that the Delta variant will continue to spread throughout a few more weeks.

Airlines have been insisting that the White House lifts travel bans from the UK. However, that will not come into place for quite some time given the present situation. Summer vacations travel from the United Kingdom to the United States will remain unadvised.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) of the US has raised the UK to a high-risk level. The institution has warned US citizens to not travel to the UK. If travel is mandatory, they strongly urge US citizens to get fully vaccinated well in advance. This is, however, only a warning and not a rule. The CDC warns that even vaccinated travelers will spread the Delta variant if they do not take care.

The situation in the UK

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is now in self-isolation. This is because he had come in contact with Health Minister Sajid Javid, who had contracted COVID-19, who contracted the virus despite being fully vaccinated. However, it is a fact that vaccinated citizens are at lower risk to require hospitalization.

The UK Secretary of State Transport, Grant Shapps issued a notice on 28th July. Travelers from the US can reach the UK if they have obtained the vaccine. However, there must be proof that two weeks have elapsed since their second dose of the vaccine. Such people will be able to avoid quarantine, according to Shapps. If not, they will have to obtain a “test to fly” and get a PCR test done on arrival. Any unvaccinated individual from the US will have to self-quarantine for ten days and take two PCRs before full exposure.

The UK is taking warnings less seriously than the US. Grant Shapps has announced the opening of a UK/US task force to discuss transatlantic travel. It is an unclear future as to post-Covid-19 times that are yet to come.






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