Navotar now supports PayPal



Navotar has now integrated PayPal into its system and allows car rental companies using Navotars’ Car Rental Software and Online reservation Plugin to receive and handle online transactions.

So, what is PayPal and why is it important?

PayPal is a widely used electronic payment gateway that allows customers to make online payments with ease. Many advantages come with using PayPal as a payment option for clients and can help improve your business online.

What are the benefits of using PayPal?

The PayPal brand name can boost the customers’ confidence in your company as they know that they can make quick payments safely. PayPal ensures that the online business does not receive any credit card or bank details of the customer, adding to the customer’s trust in your company. This can be key in attracting customers for small and new businesses that are just beginning to make their mark in the car rental industry.

The added benefit of using PayPal is that it is hassle-free for the business as well as the client. PayPal does not require a setup fee or monthly fee from its users, unlike most other online payment gateways which may require a hefty sum for their services.

How does PayPal work with Navotars’ software?

With Navotars’ Car Rental Software handling all transactions made via PayPal, Navotar customers can get an in-depth report of payments. From the time of booking to time of payment – this can be greatly beneficial for you and your business. The Online Reservation Plugin allows clients to make advanced bookings and, payments via PayPal to the rental services using Navotars’ software and is connected to the Car Rental Software in real-time.

The online car rental industry is ever growing – with Navotar supporting PayPal it will be highly beneficial in the long run and will help car rental businesses to reach a larger clientele around the world. So, allow Navotar to sign your business up with Paypal and watch your business grow!


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