Convenience of contactless car rentals

contactless car rental

In this fast paced world, technology and digitalization of businesses have contributed to easy and smooth business operations. In 2022, consumers gravitate towards practical and trouble-free solutions for their requirements. Customers can now simply get anything done by just looking it up on the internet with just a click of a button. Given the world pandemic due to COVID-19, businesses have been trying to find ways to digitalize to improve contactless car rental business transactions and to provide customers the comfort of accessing their services from anywhere.

There are many software products suitable for businesses of different industries and has immensely benefited the car rentals sector. With travel restrictions being slowly lifted off, car rental companies are actively trying to implement digital practices to serve travelers. These software products can be easily integrated with the company’s website for effortless management.

Rentall is one such cloud based fleet management software, a facile solution for car rentals. Rentall renders many features to automate the management of the car rental company’s fleet.


Online Reservations

What is more convenient than being able to simultaneously book your hotel, flight and rental car all at once online? When travelers reserve their rental cars online, they are given the privilege of choosing the model of their ride, price range and are able to compare with several other sites as well to bag a great deal. Car rental companies which offer contactless car rental services now bag more sales than a few years ago when they struggled to market themselves the traditional way.


Online Payments

Making payments online is the safest way to perform business transactions which reduces human contact, curtailing the spread of the virus. Rentall supports a safe payment gateway which protects customer details and helps pay securely. Such facilities of being able to reserve and pay online, customers can just drop by to the company location on the day of pick up and drive their rental car away.


Online Documentations

All necessary documents needed to reserve the rental car are done online. Including the agreements and required e-signatures are settled via online. The car rental companies will have access to all these documents and customer details accessible at any time from anywhere, since Rentall is a cloud-based software. Rentall is compatible with any devices, allowing the manager or the owner of the car rental company access any details from any locations and any devices.

Contactless car rentals are convenient and help customers save waiting time. Flexible vehicle choices and fixed guaranteed prices, help avoid unnecessary miscalculations. Since, everything is done online, this paperless and hygienic method of business is the best way to increase more bookings and enhance customer experience.


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