Would you Uber rather than own a car in NY?


Would you Uber rather than own a car in NY?


Wasting hours and hours sitting behind a steering wheel or sitting in the back of a car waiting to get from one place to another could be a tedious and time-consuming task. As everyone has places to be in and jobs to do, it is important to find the ideal model of transportation to reach such destinations. Various people carry different opinions on taking an Uber and being a vehicle owner. So, is it better to Uber rather than being an owner of a car in New York? Being a car rental system provider, we looked into each option to provide you an insight on this.

Differences in Cost

There have been many studies that were carried out by various people in order to assess whether taking an Uber is better than driving your own car in New York. To the surprise of many, it is found that the running cost of being a vehicle owner is much higher than simply hiring an Uber to wherever you need to go. With such a financial benefit at hand, would you rather own a car than Uber in New York.

Stress Free Journey

Driving in New York could be quite a hassle due to the never ending traffic. Most New Yorkers are usually stressed out after driving to and from work or other places that they need to be. Not just New York, driving anywhere in the midst of the ear wrenching honking sounds could be quite the baggage. In order to ensure a stress free journey, you can always call in an Uber to be wherever you need to, without having to worry about driving in traffic. However, calling an Uber does not release the weight of traffic completely, but provides you the opportunity of being driven around than having to drive.

Working on the Go

If you are assessing what benefits could be obtained by calling in an Uber rather than driving, having the ability to work on the go can be pointed out as one of the primary benefits that could be attained through this service. When you are stuck in traffic nowhere close to where you need to be, you can always bring your laptop or phone and catch up on any work you have missed, without having to trouble your mind on taking detours to avoid the traffic congestion. This is an ideal way to make sure that you make the maximum out of the time you waste stuck in traffic. Some may argue that they could still catch up on work while stuck in traffic even while driving, but will it be worth the risk of texting or working while driving. Therefore, the safety of yourself as well as of the fellow drivers and pedestrians must be considered at such tempting hours.

With all the above benefits, would you still consider purchasing a new vehicle or would you stick to calling in an Uber to go around. Whatever you choose, we at Navotar Car Rental Software wishes you a pleasant journey.

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