Video Recording in Navotar


At around this time every year, Navotar releases new features to either its web-app or mobile app. This year, the Navotar team has developed a new feature for the Navotar mobile application that we call Full Condition Video Recording. The Full Condition Video Recording feature allows you to record videos of their vehicles during check out and check in. This feature allows you to keep video records of their vehicles’ condition so that if any thing ever does occur, you have powerful evidence to back up your side of the story.

Capturing videos of your vehicles before being picked up will help you to inspect a vehicle’s condition when returned. Today, many car rental companies spend massive amounts of money on repairing minor damages caused by the renters. Now with Navotar’s Full Condition Video Recording, you will be able to immediately notice damage upon return and take action according, drastically reducing maintenance-related business costs.

If you are a car rental company wasting capital on minor but costly repairs, this is a feature that you should be focused in on. If you are looking to have a method of noticing changes in vehicle status between pickup and return, then we recommend the Navotar Full Condition Video Recording option. Much research and development went into creating, packaging, and launching our video recording platform. It is with immense pleasure that our team at Navotar can finally not only introduce this feature but also see many of our customers using the feature with great satisfaction.

If you are already a Navotar customer, it is still not too late to choose from our amazing lineup of features. Check out Navotar’s Full Condition Video Recording feature today!

Image Source – Auto Rental News


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