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It is always a race for success and if you are not keeping up with the modern-day technology and its strategies then your Business is losing out big time! Everyone just prefers booking flights, hotels, vehicles and anything possible online, in their own comfort which may be from their computers, smartphones and tablets.

Today, if you are running a Rental Business may it be big or small it has almost become mandatory to have an Online Booking System. Integrating a Booking System on your website helps you to centralize your sales and marketing all in one. You will not believe the size of the customer base that you will be able to reach with this feature.

Well for some, the idea of an Online Booking System might sound complicated and expensive. However, with the revolution of Cloud Computing online booking systems has become extremely affordable and simplifies your work to the greatest extent.

With an Online Booking System, you can:

Get your Rental Business Organized!

  1. All bookings are automatically confirmed only if you have and availability, there is no need of Please let me check and get back to you.
  2. All the necessary information is received along with the booking process.
  3. Availability and prices of your fleet/vehicles is always automatically updated with the bookings made.
  4. The auto-generated emails for every reservation made, will save so much time.

Allows you to provide the Best Customer Service!

When you have an Online Booking System you are technically providing a service 24/7, therefore, your Car Rental Business is always open and you have no worry as to what time the booking shall be made or to remember to call back the ones you couldn’t attend the next day. Also, all your customer data is stored in a structured system that allows you to prioritize your customers accordingly or carry out marketing campaigns effectively.

Benefit Up-selling

Up-selling is an amazing method of boosting up your revenue. Up-selling is the additional features that are added within the booking processes for customer experience for instance a GPS or Child Seat or WiFi. And in this step on the Reservation Processes the user will at least check one box undoubtedly, which will increase your revenue and provide them with a better service.

Avoid Third Parties

The Online Booking Systems are installed on your website, so all the transactions are done under your control. Therefore, it almost eliminates the middleman along with the commissions and other fees. Another part is that the Online Booking System will solely promote your Rental Business not any other commissioned portals.

So along with all the other products Navotar Car Rental Software delivers an Online Booking Plugin for your Car Rental Business that is integrated as an Add-On Module provided with customizable URLs that can be integrated into your Car Rental website to make your Rental Business succeed in the race you have begun!

For more information on Navotar please contact us on: or 1-888-NAVOTAR

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