Navotar’s guide to car rental marketing that can save you money

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Any business needs a solid marketing strategy that will help propel it ahead of its competitors. In this digital day and age marketing has gone through many changes. Representing your company at conventions, through brochures, and TV ads are in the past. It has been replaced by digital marketing. But, that does not mean just having an active Facebook and Instagram page, it is a lot more than that.

However, marketing can cost you money, but there are enough and more ways you can easily market your brand. That said you should know that marketing is a worthy investment, no matter the cost. If you are a start-up business owner, and you need a low-cost solution for your company, the following tips can help you. You don’t necessarily need to hire a marketing agency or specialist for your company’s marketing as long as there is consistency, and you understand your clientele.

  1. What is your elevator pitch?

Starting with something very simple but crucial – how you portray your company will determine who your clientele would be. A simple, straightforward, detailed summary of your brand and services provided can easily attract the right customers. People want to know what they can get and how to get it, so a good elevator pitch is imperative.

You should describe:

      • Products available
      • Types of services provided
      • Is your fleet diverse,
      • What makes you different from the rest
      • Quality
      • Price point

This will give a clear idea of what your company stands for and what you have to offer.

  1. Social media

It’s free and in the palms of your hands! Social media is a great tool for marketing just about anything. The go-to marketing strategy is email marketing, however, people rarely open product marketing emails. This is where Facebook and Instagram come in handy.

You don’t need an expert to handle your company’s Facebook page in the beginning. Set up a business account and make regular posts of your services, and run promotions. People spend a lot of time going through their Facebook wall and almost everyone rents vehicles so your ad is bound to pop up.

Instagram is a marketing hotspot, and just like Facebook, it is quite easy to manage posts and promotions. The key is regular posts, at the same time. High-quality photos/images are a must and keep captions short and to the point or direct them to your company website for more details.

Keep your customers updated with interactive stories and good quality IGTV videos. All this can be achieved with a good smartphone camera – you don’t need a professional videographer or content creator.

  1. SEO (search engine optimization)

Have you wondered how certain company websites keep popping up at the top of the search results all the time? That is because of good and thorough SEO practices.

Want to see your rental company website at the top of the search results list? Creating a blog will help with that. Keep the blog regularly updated with a weekly post. Look for relevant and trending topics and use popular keywords.

A blog post of 200 – 300 words would do the trick. You can also promote your products and services as potential customers can get a more in-depth idea of your business and what it has to offer.

  1. How to gain trust and loyalty from new and existing clients

Loyalty and trust amongst customers can help promote your business, but it is a two-way street. Be thankful to all your customers, especially repeat customers. Small gestures like sending a birthday card or a thank you card to loyal customers can make a difference and show that you care.

Offer complimentary services for repeat customers, such as a discount or a surprise upgrade. Keeping your current customers happy creates a good reputation; it is free advertising as these customers will most definitely recommend your services to other people.

  1. Collaborations and competitions

Collaborations and competitions are great ways to stay engaged with your local community. Collaborate with another company or social media influencer to promote a new service as they will bring in their client base. You can even host a competition/ giveaway. Do this is a great way to promote your business and garner in potential customers.

The time, energy, and money spent on marketing are never a waste. Independent car rental businesses will benefit from this guide and see good results. The convenient way is to hire an expert or a marketing agency that can be pricier but effective.If you want to learn more about expert fleet-management services, check out Navotar’s “New-To-The-Industry Start-Up Package”. We will customize the service to fit your fleet!


What are you waiting for? Go ahead and plan that Facebook promotion!

Good luck from all of us at Navotar!



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