Navotar at the International Car Rental Show 2018


It’s happened again! Another year of Las Vegas? International Car Rental Show has come and gone, and Navotar was a big hit! The traffic at our booth was unbelievable, with many attendees wanting to find out more information about our products and services and others enjoying our giveaways. Navotar had the privilege of talking to several prospective clients from all around the globe, and all across the vehicle rental industry. Many attendees signed up with us on the spot after seeing how much more efficient their operations could be with Navotar!

The Navotar Mobile App was one of our main attractions this year. Attendees were impressed with the app’s built-in license scanner brought to you by our partnership with Acuant. The license scanner is made to identify fraudulent IDs, and automatically uploads customer ID information for you. They were surprised to see new product scan driver’s licenses and create customer profiles in as little as 20 seconds time!

Navotar and International Car Rental Show Logo

Another big hit was one of our most innovative solution to date, Navotar’s Chatbot! Using AI technology, Navotar has launched a Chatbot that can facilitate car rental bookings through Facebook Messenger or your website, allowing you to spend less time taking orders and have your business running at all times. With Chatbot, reservations take less than 5 minutes and your customers can book on-the-go or from the comfort of their own home!

We had a great time getting to know our neighbors as well! It was a prime networking opportunity for Navotar, with many service providers becoming aware of and seeing the value in our services. Insurance providers specifically decided to partner with us at this year’s event to collaborate to bring you and your customers a broader range of insurance related services.

CardKnox is a leading payment processing gateway that many industries rely on for secure payment processing. After a successful meeting with CardKnox representatives at the car rental show this year, the company is teaming up with Navotar to bring you, our loyal clients, discounted payment gateway services.

Considering all the fun and success we had at this year’s International Car Rental Show, we can’t wait to come back in 2019 with more innovative solutions for you! See you there!

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