How to maintain your fleet profitably?

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Did you know your company can be taken to court if a vehicle you rent out becomes the cause of accident and/or injury for its renter? Claims can be made against automotive-rental companies on grounds of negligence for failing to undergo regular vehicle maintenance. This includes a lack of adherence to vehicle recall alerts. In North America, ignorance to manufacturer recalls have become so common that the federal government recently established a law making it illegal to rent out recalled vehicles before repairing them.

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As an automotive-rental company, you probably have a wide range of daily responsibilities to keep up with. From tending to customers to managing operational costs, it can be hard to remember or make time for regular vehicle maintenance. This can become more difficult as your fleet size expands. However, it is ultimately your responsibility to do everything in your power to keep your customers safe. Not only does this mean repairing recalled vehicles, but inspecting every vehicle for potential hazards before check-out, and keeping up to date with each vehicle’s manufacturer recommended maintenance requirements. Below is a list of some key inspection items that you should go over with customers before they check-out:

  • Spare Tire
  • Tires and Tread
  • Seat Belts
  • Fuel Level
  • Lights and Indicators

Implementing a vehicle maintenance module can help you keep up with the maintenance needs of all your fleets. Navotar, the maker of the leading cloud-based, user friendly car rental software, now offers an easy-to-use vehicle maintenance module. The Navotar car rental system can be configured to provide regular alerts about important upcoming preventative maintenance requirements, while allowing you to track unexpected maintenance needs. Everything from oil changes to transmission maintenance can be kept track of within the system. You can choose when you want to receive the reminders. For example, if one of your vehicles is due for an oil change at 10 000 miles, you can configure the system to remind you at 9500 miles. All these maintenance expenses can be tracked to calculate the overall profit made from each vehicle.

We know you want to keep your renters safe on the road in your vehicles. The best way to prevent vehicle-caused accidents is to stay on top of your maintenance duties. Implementing a vehicle maintenance module like Navotar is vital, especially as your fleet size expands. The module is designed to reduce your workload and facilitate organization. Don’t wait to call 1 888 NAVOTAR or email today!


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