Let’s Find the Best Name for Your Car Rental Business

Let’s Find the Best Name for Your Car Rental Business

Are you looking to brand a car rental business? It can be hard to come up with a name for your car rental business. You will have to stress out about whether it will or will not catch on. You cannot be sure beforehand how the public will react to it. If you do not choose the perfect name at the beginning, it can be a hassle to change it afterward. The business world can be stressful. This article aims at reducing the stress you will feel when trying to name your car rental business. We will strive to answer some related questions and, in doing so, we will conclude on some sample names.


What will your business seek to accomplish?

This is a question that you will probably have asked yourself at the very outset of your business. When seeking to name your business, we suggest that you ask it of yourself once again. Every business ideally has something to set itself apart; something that will go in every advertisement that it unveils. What aspect of your business will you be trying to highlight in all your advertisements? Every business ideally aims at solving a social problem. What social problem will your business be trying to address?

When thinking in these lines, you will come across things that you did not realize will help name your car rental business. We suggest that you first think of isolated words; words that best describe your business in your view. Let us think of different words that bring out different aspects of potential car rental businesses. We shall give the aspect of the business and then words that elaborate it below. This list will include verbs, nouns, adverbs, and adjectives.

Vehicle: Auto | Motor | [Any type of vehicle] | Wheels

Speed: Hot | Fast | Swift | Rapid | Nimble | Turbo | Sporty | Quick

Security: Certificate | Sure | System | Safe | Sound | Secure

Affordability: Budget | Easy | Discount |

Cleanliness (Do not think this does not matter in a car rental business): Spick | Fresh | Neat | Pristine

Amazing: Awesome | Great | Super

Useful: Handy | Functional | Nifty | Skillful

Transport: Cargo | Passengers | Commuter | Rider

Travel: Commute | Ride | Roll | Go | Journey | Tracks | Trek


How should you put words together?

When making phrases out of the above words, you must remember to explore all avenues. This means that you must look for all possible synonyms and alternate meanings of the word. This is in case a word has an unnecessary, irrelevant, or joke-worthy meaning. Do not take our word or anyone else’s word for it. This means a thorough online and printed thesaurus and dictionary search. Make phrases of your choice that make sense. You cannot just put two or more of the above words together and call it a day.

For example, if you choose to put together “Rapid” and “Nimble” it will not make sense. It will also be repetitive, which is a big no-no. On the other hand, a phrase like “Budget Turbo” will make sense. It will imply that your car rental business is going to be exceptional in affordability and speedy vehicles. There you have two timely social problems solved and your customer will see it immediately in the brand name.

Extras: Super Commutes, Pristine Rider, Sure Trek, GoSafe Wagons


Will people remember the brand?

If your car rental business solves a timely problem, people will indeed remember it. When considering branding, you could also make people remember by making them visualize something. Call your car rental business “Sporty Wheels” or “Sporty Rides” and people will be able to ideally visualize sports vehicles. This will be ideal if the objective of your business is to rent out sporty vehicles.

Another trick is to use the name of the place where the car rental business is centered in. For example, “Pettah Riders” or “Rochester Rides”. This will tell your potential customer where you are based and will serve to satisfy quick google searches that might say something like “Car rental businesses around Pettah or Rochester”.

Extras: Passenger Roll Rentals, Chelsea Journeys, Phoenix Goers


Do language hacks work?

They do. There are some language-play hacks that you could also use to make people remember. One is alliteration. “Wheely Wagons” has two words starting with the letter “W”. If someone forgets a word and only remembers the first letter, this trick will make it easier to remember the brand. Why do we remember “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” although it is quite a mouthful? Exactly.

Extras: Casablanca Cars, Kansas Commuter, Rental Pickers


Another remembering hack is rhymes. If you put together two words that rhyme, people will again only have to remember the first word. What do we think of when someone randomly says “hickory!” Exactly. We immediately think “Dickory!” This is because the nursery rhyme is so ingrained in our minds because of its rhyme pattern. Therefore, if you choose a name that rhymes with your car rental business, people will tend to remember it. “Legit Budget Car Rental” could be a brand name for a car rental business that focuses on the affordability of rented vehicles.

Extras: Easy Wheely Rents, Handy Jeeps, Super Wheeled Rentals


Another language hack to make people remember is having halves of words put together. For example, the words “Vehicle” and “Safe” could be merged to say “VehiSafe”. This will serve to give a customer the idea that your main focus is safety in your car rental business. People with children, for example, will be very attracted to this. If you put together the words “Vehicle” and “Swift” you might get “VehiSwift”. This will give the idea that your business will focus on a great speedy service. If you merge “Temporary” and “Ride” you get “TempRides”. This will give the idea that the rented vehicle is temporarily owned by the customer. So, these three brand names do two things. One: they show that your business solves a social problem. Two: it gives the potential customer a way in which to remember the brand name.

Extras: WheelAbly, BudgAuto, VehiFresh


Is your brand name easy to pronounce and spell?

If your business brand name is hard to pronounce, people will only remember it as “one of those car rentals”. You, for certain, do not want that to happen. For example, if your business is named “Szczebrzeszyn Rental Cars”, no average potential customer will remember the name. For your information, Szczebrzeszyn is an actual city in Southeast Poland. Most people will not even care to try to pronounce the name or even to google it. Goodness-forbid anyone losing their mind trying to spell it. This will result in the “that random car rental place” issue. So, as you can tell, this is not a good idea.

On the other hand, a car rental business name like “EasyRides” or “E-Z-Ride” will be easy to pronounce and easy to spell. This means that people will easier remember the brand name. Think even of a loyal customer texting a friend suggesting your car rental as a reliable one. Who is going to take the pains to type “Szczebrzeszyn Rental Cars” as opposed to “EasyRides”?


Should business names be descriptive?

Yes and no. Yes, in the sense that your car rental business name should give a slight idea about what the business is about. No, in the sense that you should not be too descriptive. This will take away the shortness and simplicity of the brand name. You should balance between giving your business a name that describes what you do but is not too long. “Zoom Trek Car Rental Business” would be a name that is too wordy, which not many people will remember. You should ideally remember that you are only naming or branding your business and not writing an “about page” on your website.


Watch out! Are you nonsensically merging words?

It is said that you should focus only on naming your business, you should not just merge words for fun. You should not end up having a bunch of words that describe your business in the brand name. For example, “NiftyGreat” might perfectly describe your car rental business goals, but it is a nonsensical name. It might make sense to you that you want your brand name to mean that you love speed and greatness. However, you must always have your potential customer in your mind when looking to name your business. The average person would love a name that makes sense in addition to giving a discreet description of the business.

On the other hand, “NiftyGo” would serve both the objectives of having a descriptive as well as meaningful name. So, it is mandatory that you imagine and choose wisely. The word “Nifty” will show your love for speed and “Go” will hint at the type of business you do.

Extras: Super Van Rentals, Spick Wheels, Discount Trek


Is your car rental business name UNIQUE?

Note the importance that we give to the word “UNIQUE” here. There must obviously be thousands of car rental businesses around the world. Therefore, you need to make sure that your idea of a business name has not been used before. It is at least necessary to make sure that your idea has not been used in your country or province. If not, it might even turn out to be illegal. A useful tool is to check in advance whether the domain name is already in use or not.

There is a trick to make sure that your idea for the business has not been used before. We do not mean google. A smart thing you could do is to incorporate into the name something close to your heart. It would be great if it is related to car rental. For example, if you absolutely love driving extremely fast, “Zoomable” would be an appropriate brand name. Something is interesting going on here. Zoomable also means “can be zoomed”, as in an image that is pixelated enough to be zoomable. So, that could imply that your business is flawless. Still, “zoom” could also mean “travel fast”. Therefore, “Zoomable” could be close to your heart. You will surely have fun explaining the name of your car rental business to someone.

However, if you really want to incorporate something you love which is not related to car rental businesses, it is your choice. You should be creative enough to make it memorable. For example, if you like the planet Jupiter you could potentially call your business “JupiTrek”. Of course, this is a very extreme example, but we just wanted you to get the idea. It would mean little to people who see it, but you could enjoy explaining it. See how we added the word “Trek” to it? This is how you make something relate, which did not relate in the first place.


Extras: LegoMoto, Tourney Rentals, Journey A


Did you get feedback before confirmation?

It is said in writer’s communities that one does not see one’s own faults. That is why editors exist. As much as this is true in writing and editing, feedback is very important in naming your brand. Someone else might see faults in your car rental business name that you did not see yourself. If someone says they do not like the name, you simply must listen to their reasons. Do not discard their ideas without listening to their reasons.

It will not do if you immediately make your newly thought-out business name your baby without perfecting it. Make it your baby after you clarify everything that will not make it exceptional. Therefore, being open to feedback and criticism is mandatory.



So, there you have it! Those are our name suggestions for your car rental business.

So, STOP! To recap the tips that we gave, let us go over them in a few seconds. Ask yourself the following questions before confirming your car rental business name:

  1. What will your business seek to accomplish?
  2. How should you put words together?
  3. Will people remember the brand?
  4. Do language hacks work?
  5. Is your brand name easy to pronounce and spell?
  6. Should business names be descriptive?
  7. Are you nonsensically merging words?
  8. Is your car rental business name UNIQUE?
  9. Did you get feedback before confirmation?
  10. Stop and rethink before you settle!


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