How to get free coupons this holiday season

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The holiday season is closing in and everyone is planning to visit family or even go on vacation. If you don’t own a car the next best option is a rental and the best part about renting over the holidays are the offers!
If you are wondering how to get access to discounts and coupon offers, keep reading because Navotar has got you covered!

1. Hunt for offers

Keep track of holiday season discounts and coupons. Activate notifications from car rental apps or check their websites for offers. Most rental apps may also use discount codes, so be sure to use those as well. If you are a frequent user you will be eligible to receive exclusive discounts on rides – the more you book the more you save!

2. Loyalty rewards programs

Joining a car rental company’s loyalty program comes with a lot of perks! You will be able to enjoy extra privileges, and if you are a frequent customer it is fully worth taking a few minutes to sign up.
Most car rental companies will record your preferences and then customize offers and privileges for you! You will be notified of the availability of cars an hour or two prior, they also offer reward points that are redeemable for a free ride or discount on a certain car model, and you will also be able to easily upgrade from one car model to a better one.
Fun fact: many loyalty programs allow you to carry over your status from one to the other. So if you have reached the highest status in one, you can easily transfer that status to a different program.

3. Price aggregators

The best way to check for deals is on sites like Kayak and Skyscanner that will show you prices of different rental companies – be it for luxury cars or good handy SUVs. These sites allow you to compare offers and see which ones are best suited for your preferences.
These sites may also offer discounts for the holiday season, so be sure to keep a lookout for those.

4. Credit-card deals

Look out for offers from your credit card. Certain credit-cards will have deals with rental companies and offer discounts for customers during the holiday season.

5. Pre-pay offers

Pre-paying is anyway a cost-effective way to book a rental, however, during holiday seasons companies may have pre-paid offers – so keep an eye out for those!

6. Early bookings

If you are planning to visit family over the holidays, it will be best to do an early booking as rental companies offer discounts. This is a great way to save up on some money and also be prepared!

Hopefully, these tips help you save up more for holiday treats! Will you be booking a rental this coming season?
Navotar wishes you a happy holiday and a safe ride!


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