How much will the Apple Electric Car Cost?

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How much will the Apple Car Cost?

There are many rumors and quite a bit of controversy surrounding the Apple “iCar”, which is now deemed a rival to Tesla. It was reported that Apple has plans of introducing a ‘self-driving personal vehicle’ into the electric car market by 2024. From rumored manufacturing deals with Hyundai and even hiring a team of ex-Tesla engineers this could be Apple’s biggest venture yet.

Apple is a company that focuses on the aesthetics of their products with seamless design and style. Will a company that mostly focuses on design and aesthetics be able to create a smart car worthy of rivaling Tesla engineering? This is a question many are asking, but the biggest question people want the answer to is, how much will the Apple electric car cost?

Smart cars are on the higher end of the pricing spectrum; the current range from Tesla costs between $35,000 – $124,000. However, with the over-the-top pricing, customers get a state-of-the-art product that delivers what it promises. Apple has a major challenge ahead of them, but they too are known for innovation. Apple may win against Tesla in design and other perks like exclusive connectivity to their other smart devices.

It has been estimated that the Apple iCar may cost around $55,000 according to Macworld, which is mid-range of the Tesla car prices. If they price the car at that price point, they will have a competitive edge over Tesla. However, Apple is known to have separate add-ons and extra charges that may make it pricier than other electric car alternatives in the current market.

There are rumors that Apple will revolutionize electric car battery technology, similar to how the iPhone changed mobile phones forever. If this is true, Apple may very much give Tesla a run for its money. What do you think? Will Tesla be dethroned? Will Apple be successful? We will have to wait till 2024 for the answers.


Till then, the Team at Navotar Car Rental Software is excited to see what will come out of the rumoured Electric Car from Apple.


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