Free Day of Car Rental for Election Day

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Hertz is encouraging Americans to vote this Election Day with their free rental day campaign called “Drive the Vote”. According to the Hertz website customers who book a car from any of their neighborhood locations on the 2nd of November for the next 2 to 3 days are given a free day.

The renowned car rental company wants to help people cast their votes count during the pandemic. In the past surveys have shown that many people had not voted due to transport issues. Hertz wants to change that this Election Day by encouraging people to carry out their civic duty.

Hertz has also helped critical workers get to and from work safely during this pandemic, they offered free month-long rentals to 2000 critical workers in New York City.

Other transport-related companies like Lyft and Uber are also doing their part for the public by offering discounts for rides.

With transport being a major issue especially during the pandemic, these offers can help voters get to polling stations safely.


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