Are you into Long Term Rental? Learn about Navotar’s Payment Scheduler


Are you a car rental company and do you rent cars for long term hire? If so, you must be having a procedural approach to keep track of records and to make payments on time. If you are a company following the traditional approach of recording and handling processes, managing long term rentals would be of a tedious process and if you have systemized your rental operations with software you might think that things are under control but no that’s wrong because until you utilize a feature that specifically focuses on long term rentals you have not reached there. Here’s where the Navotar payment scheduler comes in place, the payment scheduler is an advanced feature that helps companies to classify their long term rental payment methods by helping to denote the no of payments to be made differentiated by the no of days or weeks and also record a payment on the particular date and time. There are several features like it helps car rentals to skip a payment and process it in the next due date or even record the payments based on the schedules. This feature is very helpful in several aspects like it has the alert notification which helps companies to identify if a payment is due and not being recorded, the scheduler also helps companies to automate payments so that it would process the amounts based on the configurations given.

If the payment for the rentals needs to be made through the software, that can also be done so that it would help car rentals to do all sorts of tasks under one feature. There are plenty of other cool options in Navotar’s payment scheduler like late payment fee calculation based on rules and other similar options that helps and mainly focuses on making a car rental’s life easier by helping them to perform their daily rental tasks effectively and efficiently focusing on a happy work and balanced life of its employees.

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