Android-based vehicle diagnostic and tracking systems

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With GPS being widely available on smartphones, the tech industry has made advancements in real-time android-based vehicle diagnostics. Tracking the status of a vehicle is just as important as tracking its location and this can be vital for fleet owners. Using these kind of tracking systems can help greatly in maintaining your fleet and running a healthy profitable business.
The versatility of using these new devices is that the data will be sent to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi. This is done by attaching the sensor device to the OBD II port (on-board diagnostic port) of the vehicle, this captures the vehicle’s data and sends it to your android/iOS phone. The device is capable of capturing data on vehicle status i.e. check-engine light, fuel consumption, collision detection, it may also be able to alert emergency services.
GPS is very useful but it can only detect vehicle location and speed, these other sensors can detect other data and transmit it to your handheld android device via the GPS or send it to a cloud that can be accessed via a gateway from anywhere. Using these android-based diagnostic and tracking systems will help reduce the number of accidents and breakdown of vehicles due to poor maintenance. With regular updates sent straight to your smartphone, you won’t miss anything.
There are many connected car devices on the market, all offering different features. It is important to choose something that best fits your fleet or personal vehicle. This depends on what your preferences are, how you manage the fleet, or what your driving pattern and usual destinations are. These devices all come with specifically designed apps and additional equipment/ features, within a varied price range.
Wireless tracking and diagnostic systems are a crucial need in the auto industry today and are changing the way we view road safety and vehicle maintenance.


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