7 Tips for saving money on car rentals

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Using a rental car when traveling is always a better option than resorting to public transport. You can travel leisurely, stop whenever you want, and get to your destination more conveniently. That been said it is important to know that rentals can be quite pricey. Navotar is here to tell you that there are ways to get around that.

Here are 7 car rental hacks you need to know of!

  1. Compare car rental prices

Comparing rental companies will help you get an idea of different price points and offers available. Doing this early on will help you decide on which rental car company suits your needs best.

The best way to do this is to go on to sites like Kayak and Skyscanner, they can list out all rental services available for your destination. These sites will offer you a list of rental companies for any price point, and also offer seasonal discounts.

  1. GPS

Many car rental companies will try to sell you their GPS facility and in the spur of the moment, you might just say yes. This means that you will be paying an extra fee for the service, buying your own GPS can help save money. Better yet, use the GPS app on your smartphone.

  1. What is included in the rental fee?

Before finalizing the reservation, look at the components of the rental fees. Things like tax and hidden charges can add up fast leading to a higher total amount than you expected. Familiarize yourself with the rental agreement and company policies before making the payment.

Most companies have a charge for filling up the tank once you return it as they would assume you would drop off the rental with an empty tank. You can save a lot by opting to fill up the tank before returning the car.

  1. Do you need rental insurance?

Another additional service a rental agency may offer is their car rental insurance. It is easy to agree to add the charge to your final bill because safety first right? But, why spend extra money on something you may already have?

Chances are your own car insurance may cover for damages to a rental, your credit card may also offer this additional feature. Be sure to check with your insurance and credit card providers on this before making a reservation.

  1. The pick-up and drop-off

Rental companies may have many facilities in one area for the convenience of customers as they can pick-up and drop-off the rental easily, but for an extra charge.

If you return the rental at a drop off location different to the pick-up location the rental company may charge you extra and this charge can be quite high. Avoid this by returning the rental to the original location if possible, you can save up on some cash.

  1. Avoid airport rentals

As convenient as it is to pick up a rental at the airport you have to pay a considerable amount for money for this luxury. Most rental agencies available at the airport are of very reputed international companies, so they are sure to be on the expensive side.

If you want to save money the best way is to make an early reservation from a local car rental company, they may be cheaper but that does not mean their service is poor.

  1. Discounts and offers

Keep track of seasonal discounts and offers provided by your bank or credit card provider. Car rental agencies may also offer discounts, especially around Christmas and New Year. Also, check for loyalty rewards, if you have been using the services of one car rental company frequently they may have a loyalty rewards system which may offer discounts.

  1. Look for damages

Everyone is in a rush to drive off in their rental, however, if the car has any pre-existing damages you may be charged for it. So, it is important to take the time to look at the car carefully and record any damages you see by snapping a photo. Since photos taken on smartphones come with a date stamp you can use it as valid proof.

These tips will surely help you reserve a rental car the smart way! Are you ready to make that reservation?
Drive safe from Navotar.


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