5 tips for booking a rental car for Christmas

Booking a rental car for Christmas

Christmas time is a holiday season that is most looked forward to.  It’s a month with a palpable spirit, and a time to enjoy the company of friends and family. That means many needs a means to get to their loved ones. Booking a rental car for Christmas could be challenging as it is a high-volume season. Start early to look for a car rental option as you will be giving yourself the chance to compare and choose the best option.  

If you have planned on renting out a car for a nice vacation or a drive to your loved one’s place, make sure to follow these five tips. 


  • Find a car to suit your preference 

See what your requirement is for your travel.  Depending on where you live and your destination, keep the road conditions in mind, and book a car that will keep you safe. The prices will vary depending on the type of vehicle that you want for your travel. Find the most cost-efficient and fuel-efficient car. 


  • Book as soon as possible 

When booking a rental car for Christmas check if any of the car rental companies have active promotions running for the season. Most companies run attractive deals in December, so plan your travel as early as possible and approach the car rental company to grab any early bird deals. The longer you wait, the more likely you will miss out on a great deal and not get the type of vehicle that you want to. 


  • Try different rental times 

Prices may vary according to the dates and duration of your rental period. Try to adjust the pickup and drop off times to see if there are any price changes. If you need the car for 5 days, see if it’s cheaper when rented for 7 days. Car rental companies often offer a great price for customers renting for a week or more than just for a few days.  


  • Avoid pre-payment for gas 

The car rental company usually gives you the vehicle with a full tank of fuel. Choose not to prepay for it, but make sure you fuel it at the time of returning. Be sure to allocate time to refuel before returning your car to the company. Sometimes a larger car might consume less fuel compared to Sedan.  


  • Check for extra features and other costs 

Depending on your destination, you might want to take an extra snow tire with you. Check with your credit card if insurance is covered. Avoid purchasing insurance from the car rental company since it will be a huge spike to your total rental cost. Be sure to inspect the vehicle you are renting out before driving off. Be informed that you will have to pay for tolls, parking fees and other costs when driving. Keep room for amendments and follow these tips and get ready for the season just in time!


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